About us - What is UDAAN

UDAAN stands for United & Disciplined Alumni Association Network.

UDAAN represents a set of aspirations that rests in the hearts of millions of former NCC Cadets (NCC alumni)

These are:

  1. to engage with its alma mater “the NCC”,
  2. to reconnect with fellow Cadet mates and
  3. to contribute in genuine service to society as a good Samaritan

UDAAN is a platform that enables realisation of these aspirations. UDAAN creates opportunities to reconnect with NCC batch mates, network with distinguished NCC Cadets, showcase your talent, and volunteer for community service. UDAAN recognises professional and social service contributions and achievements of distinguished NCC Alumni. UDAAN collaborates with NCC units, as well as Central and State Govt to provide volunteers for engaging in community service, emergency and disaster relief, and augmenting training resources of NCC for schools and colleges. UDAAN provides skill development training and job opportunities to young NCC Alumni towards making them self-reliant. UDAAN belongs to every NCC alumni who wishes to contribute positively towards a building better India. If these ideals relates to your aspirations you are welcome to Join UDAAN and sign up as a UDAAN Volunteer/Samaritan


UDAAN's logo and motto is conceptualised by its founding father and inspired by the ideals of its alma mater - the NCC. The logo comprises a flying wheel, comprising 17 spokes representing 17 Directorates of NCC. The wheel clasped by two wings coloured in NCC pattern, both together depicting a boat thus symbolising UDAAN’s presence over land, air and water and its connect with NCC. The acronym NCC in the logo stands for Nucleus of Cadets Community and UDAAN stands for United & Disciplined Alumni Association Network. He ethos of is driven by the motto "Sankalp (Resolve) Aur (and) Swabhimaan (Self-respect)".


In 2013-15 under the leadership of Mr Dheeraj Kumar of Ex- Cadet of Naval Unit NCC, a group of former NCC Cadets were organised into a voluntary team called Unity of Indian Cadets (UIC) with an its objective to establish an ideal citizen community, render social service and sustain the umbilical cord with the parent NCC Organization. Later they approached Group Commander NCC Patna, with a proposal to jointly work with NCC. Brigadier Ran Vijay Singh enthusiastically guided, mentored and employed this enthusiastic group in activities that provided leadership training, empowered them and engaged them in socially useful work in close association with NCC Group Patna. By fortunate happenstance, Traffic SP Patna then was Shri Prantosh Das, also took keen interest, and further expanded the activities under his mentorship with special emphasis on Traffic Control Duties in Patna, using the provisions of Police Act 1861 very effectively. Thus UIC transformed into Community Traffic Police (CTP).

Having worked tirelessly & effectively for the past seven years, CTP established its credentials. By 2019-20, it had grown to over 5000 cadets, with more eager to join and work in close coordination with Bihar Administration. Soon the CTPs presence expanded from Patna to whole of Bihar and won numerous accolades for its contribution to community service, disaster management, Traffic Safety and adventure activities in partnership with NCC Dte B&J under the guidance of Maj Gen RK Gupta, ADG NCC B&J and Brig Pravin Kumar Group Commander Patna.

In Mar 2020, when the World was hit by Corona pandemic, CTP volunteers in large numbers joined hands with NCC and State Govt to fight Corona, thus displaying the untapped potential of CTTP volunteers. And thus evolved the idea of UDAAN. The inspirational force behind creation of UDAAN, and envisioning its future, is its founding Father. Under his mentorship, and ably supported by Shri Sanjay Goenka, a distinguished NCC Alumni himself, UDDAN was registered as an NGO (not for profit section 8 Company) on 15 Jan 2021, with nine Core Members handpicked by the father of UDAAN.